Henry D. Pfister – Research Group

Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Christian Häger, Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellow joint with Chalmers, Sweden

Current Students

  • Sarah Brandsen

  • Mengke Lian

  • Narayanan Rengaswamy

    • MS Thesis: On Cyclic Polar Codes and the Burst Erasure Performance of Spatially-Coupled LDPC Codes

Visiting Students

  • Fabrizio Carpi, 03/17 - 09/17, University of Parma, Italy

Former Members

  • Elia Santi, 11/16 - 06/17, University of Parma, Italy

  • Siyang Yuan, MS 05/17

  • Mohammad Sanatkar, PhD 12/16

    • Thesis: The Dynamics of Polarized Beliefs in Networks Governed by Viral Diffusion and Media Influence

    • Joined eBay in San Jose after completion

  • Christian Häger, 09/14 - 12/14 & 08/15 - 11/15, Chalmers University, Sweden

  • Santhosh Kumar Vanaparthy, PhD 12/15 (co-advised by Jean-Francois Chamberland)

    • Thesis: Capacity-Achieving Coding Mechanisms: Spatial Coupling and Group Symmetries

    • Joined Intel in San Jose after completion

  • Santosh Kumar Emmadi, MS 12/14

    • Thesis: Half-Product Codes

    • Joined Intel in San Jose after completion

  • Fatemeh Hamidi-Sepehr, PhD 05/14 (co-advised by Jean-Francois Chamberland)

    • Thesis: On the Performance Analysis of Block Codes over Unreliable Channels in Delay-Sensitive Communications

    • Joined Qualcomm in Santa Clara after completion

  • Yung-Yih Jian, PhD 08/13

    • Thesis: On the Analysis of Spatially-Coupled GLDPC Codes and the Weighted Min-Sum Algorithm

    • Joined Qualcomm in Santa Clara after completion

  • Arvind Yedla, PhD 08/12 (co-advised by Krishna Narayanan)

    • Thesis: Universality for Multi-Terminal Problems via Spatial Coupling

    • Joined Samsung in San Diego after completion

  • Phong S. Nguyen, PhD 05/12 (co-advised by Krishna Narayanan)

    • Thesis: Advanced Coding Techniques with Applications to Storage Systems

    • Joined Marvell in San Jose after completion

  • Byung-Hak Kim, PhD 05/12

    • Thesis: Joint Equalization and Decoding via Convex Optimization

    • Joined Marvell in San Jose after completion

  • Fan Zhang, PhD 05/10

    • Thesis: LDPC Codes over Large Alphabets and their Applications to Compressed Sensing and Flash Memory

    • Joined LSI Logic in San Jose after completion

  • Aparna Khare, MS 12/10

    • Thesis: Capacity and Coding for 2D Channels

    • Joined Cisco System in San Francisco Bay Area after completion

  • Sirish Boddikurapati, MS 12/09

    • Thesis: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods with Applications to Communication Channels

    • Joined Texas Instruments in Dallas after completion

  • Chia-Wen Wang, MS 07/08

    • Thesis: Bounds on the MAP Threshold of Iterative Decoding Systems with Erasure Noise

    • Joined RealTek in Taiwan after completion